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Dolphin Swim Experience


Enjoy a complimentary pass for a second Guest when one of equal value is purchased:
The cost per Adult is 169 USD

The cost per Kid is 109 USD

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Have you always dreamed of swimming alongside dolphins? Then you won’t want to miss out on our 30-minute Dolphin Swim Experience tour! This small-group tour begins with an optional hotel pick-up in an air-conditioned van that will take you to one of our American Humane Certified Dolphin Center locations. Upon arrival, you’ll be accompanied by our Marine Mammal Specialists, who will share their knowledge of Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and show you how to communicate with them. After that, it’s time to get in the water to get to know our friendly dolphins, with whom you will get to play, ride, and swim.


These are the only two places in Cabo where you can have a lifetime experience swimming with dolphins! In Cabo, we have dolphin centers in two locations: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Our facilities offer educational and interactive experiences from genuine professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge in a fun way.

A Dolphin Program for the Whole Family

With this experience, everyone ages four and up can hug, play with, and swim with one of our curious, highly-trained, and friendly bottlenose dolphins. Not only are they fascinating, but they’re also charming and just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them.

Our crew of marine mammal specialists makes sure that your encounter is safe, fun, and educational—and we put special emphasis on the safety of the dolphins.

What Makes Our Swim Experience Different?

Many dolphin tours are just for strong swimmers, but this unique experience is perfect for the whole family because it offers the comfort of a shallow-water platform without missing out on one of the most enjoyable dolphin experiences available.

First, you’ll learn all about dolphin anatomy from one of the best teachers around: an energetic and friendly Pacific Bottlenose! You’ll feel its smooth and slippery skin as you give your dolphin a rub down, get to know one another through play, and then rocket across the pool, belly-to-belly, with one of these amazing, friendly dolphins.

Interacting with Dolphins Leaves a Lasting Impression on Your Heart

These lovable creatures are empathetic, sensitive, and very curious. Whether you communicate with hand signals or simply with a look, you will sense their deep intelligence. Rest assured that the safety of the dolphins is our top priority, along with fostering a unique experience that’s fun for you and these amazing marine mammals.

Of course, swimming with dolphins is exciting, too! Dolphins are playful, but they’re also majestic. As you race across the pool with your dolphin, you’ll experience a rush of adrenaline and a new appreciation for the variety of life that thrives in the sea.

Why Small Group Dolphin Excursions are Best

Dolphins enjoy interacting with people as much as we love interacting with them, but to ensure the health and safety of the dolphins and our guests, we limit the size and length of our tours. This ensures not only that our friendly dolphins have plenty of time each day to relax but also that all of our guests have plenty of time to interact with a dolphin! And because of this commitment, our safety and health records are second to none.

Please take a look at the Humane Conservation program in which Cabo Dolphins is certified to learn more about how we care for our dolphins.

  • You must contact the activity company through the contact information provided below to create a reservation with them.

  • Add round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van from most hotels in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo for just 7 USD per traveler.

  • Minimum age of four years old.

  • Each child between the ages of 4-9 must be accompanied by a paying adult (16 or older).

  • Child prices apply to children ages 4-9.

  • Children 10 years old or more are considered paying adults.

  • Cameras are allowed in observation areas only.

  • No jewelry or sunscreen is allowed.

  • Life jackets are provided and required.

  • Expecting mothers are restricted.

  • COVID-19 protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of all our guests.



  • Lifejacket

  • Locker

  • Wetsuit (winter months)

Available for purchase

  • Photos

  • Souvenirs

  • Round-trip transportation 

  • Private tour available



  • Towel

  • Swimsuit

  • Money for photos, gratuities, and souvenirs.

  • 30 minutes




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