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By reserving with our Nightlife Partners

When the sun sets, and Cabo's nightlife comes alive, we want to ensure you're in the heart of it all. Dive into the pulsating rhythms of downtown Cabo San Lucas by reserving a spot at our partner venues - the legendary El Squid Roe and the ever-vibrant Nowhere Bar. But that's not all!

With every reservation you make, we gift you more than just a night to remember. Receive a complimentary Baja Pass, unlocking a world of fantastic deals and unforgettable experiences. Indulge in mouth-watering dishes at our partnered restaurants with 2-for-1 main course offers. Let your spirit of adventure run wild with 2-for-1 deals on thrilling activities at Cabo Adventures. And if you've ever dreamt of sailing the azure waters of Cabo, now's your chance with an irresistible 50% off on fishing boats and luxurious yachts.

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Every reservation receives a Free Baja Pass automatically

A Cabo San Lucas staple, El Squid Roe is more than just a venue; it's a legendary experience. With its electrifying ambiance spread across multiple levels, this iconic nightclub pulses with energy, drawing both locals and tourists alike. From the vibrant dance floors to the lively bars, every corner buzzes with memories waiting to be made. Dive into an evening you won't soon forget and immerse yourself in the heart of Cabo's nightlife.

Every reservation receives a Free Baja Pass automatically

Nestled along the tranquil waterfront, The Nowhere Bar offers a serene escape from the everyday. This cozy bar blends the allure of a relaxing atmosphere with spectacular harbor views, promising both peace and excitement. Whether sipping on a finely crafted cocktail or sharing stories under the starry Cabo sky, The Nowhere Bar is the perfect setting for an evening of relaxation and reminiscing.

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Discover Cabo's Hidden Treasures with Baja Pass

Downtown Cabo San Lucas is not just about the vibrant nightlife; it's a gateway to the myriad experiences this city offers, and with your Baja Pass in hand, you're poised to unlock them all. With its multilevel dance floors and electric atmosphere, El Squid Roe is more than just a club - it's a Cabo legend. On the other hand, The Nowhere Bar's tranquil waterfront setting offers a serene contrast, making it the perfect spot to watch the boats go by as you sip on a refreshing cocktail.

But the journey doesn't end when the night does. With your complimentary Baja Pass, the essence of Cabo is at your fingertips. Perhaps start your day savoring the culinary delights of our partnered restaurants. Taste the fusion of traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine, ensuring every bite is a journey through Baja's rich gastronomic heritage.

As the sun climbs higher, let Cabo Adventures whisk you away to explore the unique landscapes of this region. Whether zip-lining through lush forests, diving into the clear blue waters, or riding ATVs through the desert, every adventure promises a story worth telling.

And if you've ever imagined yourself on a yacht, the gentle sea breeze playing with your hair as you gaze upon the expansive horizon, now's the moment. With our 50% off offer on fishing boats and luxury yachts, the maritime dream is well within reach.

In Cabo, every moment is an invitation; with Baja Pass, you're always on the guest list. So dive in, explore, and let the heart of Mexico serenade you with its myriad wonders.

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