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How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette in Cabo

Rose being poured into a glass surrounded by women at a bachelorette party.

Planning a bachelorette party is an exciting endeavor, and when it comes to celebrating in style, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination. From sun-soaked beaches to vibrant nightlife, here's your step-by-step guide to organizing the ultimate bachelorette bash in this picturesque Mexican paradise.

Set the Date and Budget

Choose a Date:

Coordinate with the bride and key attendees to find a date that suits everyone.

Establish a Budget:

Determine a realistic budget based on the number of attendees and their financial capacities.

Create a Guest List

Consult the Bride:

Ensure the bride is happy with the guest list.

Send Invitations:

Use digital invites or a platform like Evite to send invitations and track RSVPs.

Group of women posing next to the pool, looking away from the camera.

Select Accommodations

Research Accommodations:

Look for resorts, hotels, or rental properties in Cabo that suit your group's preferences and budget.

Book in Advance:

Secure reservations early, especially if traveling during peak seasons.

Consult the Bride's Preferences:

Tailor activities to the bride's interests.

Daytime Fun:

Nighttime Entertainment:


Flight Arrangements:

Coordinate travel plans and book flights well in advance.

Local Transportation:

Plan for airport transfers and consider renting a private shuttle or van for group activities.

A table decorated in pink, gold and black for a bachelorette dinner.

Decorations and Party Favors

Theme Selection:

Choose a theme that resonates with the bride's personality.


Plan decorations for accommodations and any private events. You don't have to travel with all your decor, you can find many things in local stores.

Party Favors:

Consider personalized items like T-shirts, hats, or custom-made items to commemorate the trip.

Dining Reservations:

Book reservations for group meals at popular restaurants. Find all our Dining Partners' contact info on their respective pages on our site.

Special Treats:

Plan a special meal or dessert to celebrate the bride.

Overhead shot od a weekly planner on an iPad.

Create an Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary:

Compile a comprehensive itinerary with all planned activities, locations, and contact information.

Share Information:

Distribute the itinerary to all attendees.

Emergency Contacts and Essentials

Emergency Contacts:

Collect emergency contact information for all attendees.

Essentials Checklist:

Create a checklist for essential items like travel documents, medications, and personal belongings. Here is an example:

Travel Documents

  •  Passports/IDs: Ensure all attendees have valid passports or identification.

  •  Flight Itineraries: Print or save digital copies of flight details.

  •  Accommodation Confirmation: Have confirmation of your booked accommodations.

Woman packing clothing onto a piece of luggage.

Clothing and Accessories

  •  Swimwear: Pack swimsuits, cover-ups, and beachwear.

  •  Comfortable Shoes: Plan for both beach sandals and comfortable walking shoes.

  •  Dressy Outfits: Bring outfits for dinners and nights out.

  •  Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for sun protection.

  •  Evening Accessories: Consider any accessories for nightlife.

Health and Safety

  •  Medications: Bring necessary medications and you can buy a basic first aid kit here.

  •  Travel Insurance: Check if your travel insurance is up-to-date.

  •  Emergency Contacts: Compile a list of emergency contacts for each attendee.

Personal Items

  •  Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

  •  Makeup and Skincare: Bring your essential beauty products.

  •  Hair Styling Tools: If needed, pack hairdryers, straighteners, or curling irons.

  •  Chargers: Don't forget chargers for phones, cameras, and other devices.

Rose being poured into glasses celebrating a bachelorette party.

Party Supplies

  •  Party Favors: Check that all planned party favors are packed.

  •  Decorations: If bringing decorations, make sure they are ready to go.

  •  Camera/Phone for Photos: Capture the memories!


  •  Cash and Cards: Have some local currency and credit/debit cards.

  •  Snacks: Pack snacks for the journey and any late-night cravings.

  •  Reusable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated, especially in the sun.

  •  Entertainment: Books, magazines, or any entertainment for downtime.

Confirmation and Communication

  •  Itinerary: Print or save a digital copy of the trip itinerary.

  •  Contact Information: Ensure everyone has contact details for each other.

  •  Emergency Plan: Discuss and agree on emergency procedures.

Enjoy and Celebrate!

  •  Positive Vibes: Embrace the spirit of the celebration and enjoy every moment!

  •  Gifts for the Bride: If there are any gifts or surprises, make sure they are packed.

Instax instant camera surrounded by book pages and flowers.

Capture the Memories


Consider hiring a photographer or designate someone to capture memorable moments. Or do it yourself! Getting disposable cameras for everyone or even instant cameras is so much fun and such a great way to capture the trip.

Create a Hashtag:

Encourage attendees to use a specific hashtag when posting photos on social media, this way you make a digital album with not only your pictures but all your friends' too!

Bride drinking champagne from the bottle at her bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Confirm Details

Final Confirmations:

Confirm reservations, transportation details, and any booked activities a week before the trip.


Ensure everyone has the necessary contact information and knows the plan.

Enjoy the Celebration

Relax and Have Fun:

Once everything is in order, enjoy the celebration and create unforgettable memories.

Remember to keep the bride's preferences in mind and customize the plans to make it a special and memorable experience. Have a fantastic bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas!


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