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The Ultimate Cabo Spring Break Packing List

Get ready to turn your Cabo Spring Break into an unforgettable escapade! Whether you're hitting the sun-soaked beaches, owning the nightlife scene, or embarking on desert adventures, this packing list has your back. We've curated the essentials for every aspect of your Cabo getaway, ensuring you're prepped for the ultimate Spring Break experience.

Beach Days

El Squid Roe World Famoso bucket hat, sunglasses, tropical drink, beige sarong, pink and orange bikini, beige beach bag, pink platform sandals, and a white and beige beach towel.


Trendy bikinis

Statement cover-ups

Red crochet bikini, black bikini, purple El Squid Roe Color Pop bikini, metalic blue bikini, black one piece swimsuit, El Squid Roe World Famoso bikini.

Sun Protection:

Retro-inspired sunglasses

Bucket hat, classic cap, or a cowboy hat for that trendy vibe

Crochet bucket hat, El Squid Roe World Famoso Dat Hat, brown cowboy hat with blue details, El Squid Roe World Famoso bucket hat, and a red cowboy hat.



Chunky platform flip-flops

Green platform sandals, beige sandals, pink platform sandals, black sandals, purple slides.

Beach Accessories:

Colorful beach towel

Insta-worthy beach bag

Marcame beach bag, The Tote Bag in black, El Squid Roe Party Never Ends tote bag, a green crochet bag.


Stylish Outfits:

Minidresses, matching sets, your possibilities are endless.

Black mini dress, white mini skirt paired with a green top, jean shorts paired with a warm colored top, a white tube top paired with a green skirt, a colorful dress.


Platform sneakers or trendy heels

White, chunky tennis shoes, black strappy heels, thick white heels.


Retro sunglasses

Mini backpack or crossbody bag

Eight different pairs of sunglasses.

Grooming Essentials:

Travel-sized perfume

Bold makeup essentials

Eyeshadow palette, contour, blush, lip gloss, and perfume.

Nightlife Extras:

Film camera for analog memories

Power bank for non-stop social sharing

Instant camera, polaroid pictures, portable power bank.

Desert Adventures

Cargo pants paired with. a black top, black cap, green backpack white scrunchie, black bandana with white details, and red sunglasses and on the opposite side: white tennis skirt paired with black crop top, white tennis shoes, black scrunchie, pink bandana, and a white backpack.

Comfortable Clothing:

Tennis skirts with crop tops

Baggy cargo pants or shorts paired with activewear tops

Black tennis skirt, beige cargo pants, biking shorts.


Comfortable sneakers

Off white tennis shoes, black Vans, white Nikes.

Sun Protection:

Bucket hats or caps

Colorful bandana or scarf

Bandanas in an assortment of colors.

Adventure Gear:

Lightweight mini backpack

Sunglasses with UV protection

Purple backpack, yellow backpack, white backpack, and a green backpack.

There you have it, fellow Spring Breakers! Your go-to guide for packing up the essentials and a little extra for that Cabo magic. From beach vibes to nightclub lights and the rugged beauty of the desert, make sure you're geared up for the time of your life. Embrace the sun, savor the nights, and let Cabo be the backdrop for your most epic Spring Break yet!


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