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What Can You Catch in Cabo During November

Person holding a fishing rod off a boat into the ocean.

As the autumn sun graces the shores of Cabo San Lucas, anglers from around the world gather in anticipation of the rich bounty that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. November marks a prime season for fishing in Cabo, where warm waters play host to a vibrant array of marine life.

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Join us on a piscatorial journey as we delve into the fish species that grace the Pacific in this bountiful month.

Marlin being reeled in from the Sea of Cortez in Cabo, Mexico.

Marlin Mania

November is synonymous with marlins in Cabo San Lucas. Black and striped marlins are the undisputed stars of the show during this time. Anglers eagerly anticipate the thrilling tussles that come with reeling in these formidable creatures. With their powerful runs and acrobatic displays, marlins provide a fishing experience that's as exhilarating as it is unforgettable.

Dorado Delights

Dorado flopping in the air as it's being reeled in, in Cabo, Mexico.

The golden hues of the dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, shimmer in the November sun. These dazzling fish are a staple in Cabo's waters during this season. Known for their voracious appetite and spectacular aerial displays, dorados promise an exciting challenge for any angler. With their delicious white flesh, they're not just a prize catch, but also a culinary delight.

School of tuna in the waters of Mexico.

Tuna Time

November heralds the arrival of yellowfin and skipjack tuna in Cabo's waters. These high-energy fish offer anglers a formidable test of skill and strength. The adrenaline rush of battling a tuna is an experience that's cherished by both seasoned fishermen and novices alike. With their succulent, rich meat, tuna are a coveted prize for those looking to savor the fruits of their labor.

Man proudly holding up a wahoo he caught in Cabo, Mexico.

Wahoo Wonders

November is when wahoo, the speedsters of the sea, make their presence felt. These torpedo-like fish are known for their lightning-fast strikes and blistering runs. Anglers relish the challenge of taming these powerful predators. With their firm, white flesh, wahoo are a delectable addition to any angler's haul.

Roosterfish swimming in the waters of Cabo, Mexico.

Roosterfish Royalty

November is the time when the prized roosterfish makes its appearance along the shores of Cabo San Lucas. Recognizable by their distinctive dorsal fins that resemble a rooster's comb, these fish are highly sought after by both experienced anglers and newcomers. Known for their spirited fights and impressive size, roosterfish provide an adrenaline-pumping challenge. Releasing a roosterfish back into the sea after a successful catch is a gratifying experience, as these fish are revered for their strong conservation status.

Sailfish being reeled onto a boat in Cabo, Mexico.

Sailfish Spectacle

In November, Cabo San Lucas becomes a playground for sailfish enthusiasts. These acrobatic fish, with their vibrant dorsal fins and sleek bodies, are a thrilling sight to behold. Known for their breathtaking leaps and powerful runs, sailfish offer an exhilarating battle for any angler. Releasing a sailfish back into the water after the catch is a common practice, as these magnificent creatures are celebrated for their impressive size and the sheer sport they offer.

Snapper Sensation

Closeup of a snapper fish's head.

November brings an abundance of snapper species to the waters of Cabo San Lucas. Mangrove, cubera, and red snappers, among others, grace the depths with their delicious presence. These fish are prized for their succulent, flaky meat and are a favorite among local chefs. Anglers relish the challenge of outsmarting these cunning fish, which often seek refuge in rocky crevices. Whether you're casting lines from shore or venturing into deeper waters, snapper fishing promises a rewarding experience.

November in Cabo San Lucas is a time of abundance, where the Pacific teems with an impressive variety of fish species. Whether you're chasing marlins, tangling with dorados, testing your mettle against tuna, or racing wahoos, Cabo promises an angling experience like no other. And with Baja Pass, your fishing adventure becomes even more accessible. So, cast your lines and set forth into the waters of Cabo, where every catch tells a tale of skill, tenacity, and the boundless beauty of the Baja Peninsula. Happy fishing!


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