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Spearfishing in Cabo


Enjoy a complimentary space for a second Guest when one of equal value is purchased:
The cost per Adult for Half Day is 450 usd

The cost per Adult for a Full Day is 800 usd

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Spearfishing in Cabo with Spearfishing Brothers

Welcome to Spearfishing Brothers, the crown jewel of Baja spearfishing adventures. Our 12 years of unparalleled expertise promises not just an expedition but a voyage into Baja's underwater marvels. From vibrant coral reefs, teeming marine life, to the azure depths of Baja California Sur, we are your trusted ally in unlocking the ocean's secrets.

Our commitment is to make every dive a tale worth telling. From learning the art of freediving, mastering the right hunting techniques, to basking in the splendor of Baja's marine biodiversity, we offer an immersive experience. Our team's dedication to safety ensures your journey is in the hands of a certified freediving instructor, seasoned spearfishing guides, a vigilant rescue diver, and a passionate underwater photographer.

Half-Day Spearfishing Adventure

from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

Dive deep into Baja's pristine waters, tailored to your comfort and experience level. Navigate reefs, banks, and oceanic ledges, each offering a unique challenge and reward. Our experienced crew ensures ethical hunting practices, honing your skills, and maximizing your catch while preserving the marine ecosystem. Savor the thrill of the hunt, and relish a fresh ceviche prepared from your catch.

Experience Price

  • One or Two Hunters for $450 usd.

  • Three or Four Hunters for $540 usd

What's Included in Your Adventure:

  • State-of-the-art spearfishing equipment.

  • Comfortable wetsuits, masks, fins, and gloves.

  • Expert guidance from our certified professionals.

  • Refreshing ceviche, beverages, and camaraderie onboard.

  • Capture memories with our in-house underwater photography.

Trip Duration:

  • 5 hours of aquatic thrill.

Full-Day Spearfishing Expedition

from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

A dream for spearfishing enthusiasts! Nine exhilarating hours of relentless underwater hunting awaits. Traverse both shallow and profound depths of Baja's underwater realms. Refresh with onboard ceviche and recharge for another round of thrilling hunt. Your safety and the marine environment's sustainability remain our top priorities.

Experience Price

  • One or Two Hunters for $800 usd.

  • Three or Four Hunters for $1,000 usd

What's Included in Your Adventure:

  • State-of-the-art spearfishing equipment.

  • Comfortable wetsuits, masks, fins, and gloves.

  • Expert guidance from our certified professionals.

  • Refreshing ceviche, beverages, and camaraderie onboard.

  • Capture memories with our in-house underwater photography.

Trip Duration:

  • 9 hours of uninterrupted underwater exploration.

Experience Reviews: Dive into testimonials and experiences shared by fellow adventurers on TripAdvisor.

For a detailed itinerary, gear information, and booking details, dive into our official website: Spearfishing Brothers.

The Thrill of Spearfishing in Cabo

The enchanting waters of Baja beckon the adventurous spirit, tempting divers to plunge into a world teeming with marine biodiversity. In the realm of underwater adventures, nothing compares to the adrenaline surge that spearfishing offers. And where better to experience this aquatic thrill than the azure waters of Cabo?

Spearfishing is not merely a dive; it's an intimate dance with nature, where you match wits with the marine life in their very domain. Every dive location in Cabo has its unique charm and challenge, with the coral reefs acting as underwater labyrinths and the oceanic ledges creating dramatic backdrops to the hunting grounds.

As you venture deeper, mastering freediving techniques becomes essential. It's more than holding your breath; it's about understanding the ocean's pulse, syncing your heart's rhythm with the ebb and flow of the waves. The marine ecosystem of Baja California Sur is a treasure trove, home to species that not only challenge your hunting skills but also mesmerize with their beauty.

Sustainable spearfishing is at the heart of every dive in Cabo. Ethical fishing practices ensure that the ocean continues to flourish, and its inhabitants thrive. By respecting seasons, sizes, and sanctuaries, spearfishers play a pivotal role in marine conservation. Each hunt is a lesson in responsibility, reminding divers of their duty to the ocean and its residents.

The gear plays a crucial role in your hunting expedition. Equipped with state-of-the-art spearfishing equipment, divers can target their prey with precision. The float line, buoys, and speargun are your allies underwater, while the mask, fins, gloves, and wetsuit ensure comfort and safety.

While spearfishing itself is an adrenaline-packed activity, the camaraderie formed onboard is equally rewarding. As you prepare and savor a refreshing ceviche from the day's catch, stories of near-misses, triumphant captures, and mysterious encounters with Cabo's marine life are exchanged. Every dive adds a chapter to your underwater memoir.

Diving deep into the history of spearfishing reveals its ancient roots. From primitive societies relying on this skill for sustenance to the sport's modern evolution, spearfishing has always been about the synergy between humans and the ocean. Today's divers benefit from the wisdom of past generations, using advanced gear while honoring the traditions of the hunt.

For the uninitiated, Cabo's spearfishing community offers expert guidance. The Spearfishing Brothers are a testament to the region's commitment to quality and safety-first diving. With a certified instructor overseeing the dives and ensuring that every individual, from novice to expert, gets a tailor-made experience, divers are in safe hands.

Underwater photography is an essential aspect of the spearfishing experience in Cabo. As divers navigate the dive locations, capturing moments of anticipation, the thrill of the chase, and the pride of a successful hunt is vital. These photographs become timeless memories, immortalizing fleeting moments in the vast oceanic expanse.

Cabo's marine ecosystem is a realm of wonders. From the ethereal dance of manta rays, the playful antics of dolphins, to the stealthy prowl of groupers, every dive offers a unique spectacle. As you hone your spearfishing skills, you also become an observer, cherishing the sheer diversity and beauty of marine life.

The ocean depths pose challenges, both physical and mental. Overcoming the pressure, mastering buoyancy, and keeping a clear head while pursuing your target are essential skills that spearfishers develop. With each dive, you push your boundaries, testing your limits, and emerging stronger.

Dive testimonials from seasoned spearfishers often speak of the transformative nature of the experience. The underwater realm offers a perspective shift, a respite from the chaotic world above, and a chance to connect deeply with nature. The bond formed with fellow divers, the respect earned from mastering the hunt, and the joy of sharing a meal from the catch of the day make spearfishing in Cabo an unforgettable journey.

In conclusion, spearfishing in Cabo is not just an activity; it's a way of life. It's about embracing the ocean's challenges, respecting its inhabitants, and celebrating the victories, big or small. As you gear up for your next spearfishing adventure, remember that with every dive, you're not just hunting; you're also becoming a guardian of the ocean's treasures.


  • You must contact the activity company through the contact information provided below to create a reservation with them.

  • The crew consists of a Freediving instructor and 12 years of experienced spearfishing, a Rescue diver and a camera man.

  • Tour available in Spanish and English



  • Wetsuit, Mask, Fins & Gloves

  • Weight belt

  • Speargun

  • Float line & Buoys

  • Ceviche, Beer & Drinks

  • Professional Guides

  • Crew & Photography


  • Smartphone with Baja Pass

  • Swimsuit

  • Non-slip shoes

  • Biodegradable Sunscreen

  • Change of clothes

  • A light sweater (winter months)

  • Money for photos, gratuities, and souvenirs

Available for purchase

  • Fishing Licence

  • Photos

  • Souvenirs


  • Half Day is 5 hours

  • Full Day is 9 hours





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